Ethical slow fashion

At frockk we are very much focussed on the long term wellbeing of our planet 

We want your garments to last a long time , and are avid supporters of slow fashion and ethical production .

Our production is made as we need it , we don’t carry excess stock, and any extra clothing we have always goes straight back to the villages of Bali . Our extra fabric always goes back to the makers and villages 

Our fabric is ethically and meaningfully sourced -preferring smaller mills . We only use the best quality natural fabrics -European flax certified linen , cotton, rayon -and are VERY fussy about it .

Our garments are all pre washed, softened and shrunk-so there will never be an issue with that when you get them home and pop them in the wash . In fact all our linen can go in the dryer -it’s been it there before 

Our sewers mostly work from home, where they are set up with a few machines -quite often husband and wife, with sisters and brothers helping out . Not a factory in sight !